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In the project Pas de deux — organised by the comicfestivals Fumetto, Lucerne and Boomfest, St. Petersburg and the magazine Strapazin — Russian and Swiss artists were invited to to exchange views and present their work in a juxtaposition in an exhibition and a publication. Milva and I developped our collaborative work around the topic of Russia and its mediatization and combine our drawings to a projection and a comic.

concept, drawings, realisation: with Milva Stutz
Julia: about 160 drawings, 210 × 148 mm, ink on paper
Milva: about 160 drawings, 320 × 450 mm, charcoal on paper
Comic: 6 pages, 230 × 300 mm

curation, redaction: David Basler, Jana Jakoubek, Talaya Schmid, Dmitry Yakolev
patronage exhibition: Pro Helvetia
exposed at: comicfestival Fumetto, Lucerne, March 2015
upcoming exhibition: Boomfest, St. Petersburg, September 2015
published in: Strapazin No.118: Pas de deux
year: 2014–15

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