Memory-swapping: a dialogue in images

In the project Souvenir Milva and I focussed on the process of reminiscence. Both, conscious and unconscious memory, form the personal archive on which our graphic and narrative work is based. Memories are connected to individual inner pictures. We broke this aspect by swapping personal memories in textform and reinterpreting them in a serie of three illustrations at a time. That's how a dialogue and a change of perspective are developed: indeed the images reflect the personal memory of the other person, still they are characterized by the own past. The result of this linguistic and visual dialogue is a associative series of images, which we presented in an exhibition and a publication.

with: Milva Stutz
drawings: 210 × 297 mm
publication: 102 pages, 135 × 191 mm
photos exhibition: Fabio Schmieder
exposed at: gallery Station 21, Zurich
year: 2010

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