Strapazin No.110: Collision
In our redactional concept for the Strapazin-issue No.110: Collision Milva and I tried a new approach to telling stories trough images sequences, by clashing and recomposing fragments of different contributions. During a two days workshop at the Kulturfrachter Alpenhof the involved artists discussed their different artistic positions and possible strategies for collisions. These artist talks are made accessible to the reader trough a portrait text for each artist and several transcripted discussions. After the encounter every artist created his contribution for the topic Collision individually. In a second step the redaction — Milva and I — recomposed fragments of these works to a new collective narration. The authors of the images are mentioned on the bottom of each page. Further a closing index shows the intact works and unveiles the authorships of the images and faciliates diverse reading options.

with works by: Anna Albisetti, Cécile Hummel, Julia Marti, Milva Stutz, Patric Sandri, Patrick Graf, Peter Radelfinger, Tudi Deligne, Yves Noyau

editorial work, image layout: with Milva Stutz
graphic design: Julia Marti
publication: 88 pages, 230 × 300 mm
presented at: Corner College, Zurich
discussed on: SRF2 by Ellinor Landmann
support: Migros Kulturprozent, Stadt Zürich Kultur
year: 2013

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